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Nightingale Primary School


Welcome to Nightingale Primary School's Website.

Whether you are an existing member of our school community or considering our school for your child’s future education, we hope our website will provide you with all the information you need.


We are a large and diverse community primary school located between South Woodford and Wanstead. Our school environment is welcoming, bright and engaging. We have separate play spaces for children of different ages, as well as wonderful green spaces that children of all ages can enjoy.


The education we offer provides children with the core knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in their future education and later life. We provide a range of enriching opportunities which develop our children’s understanding of the world around them and foster a wide range of interests and talents. Throughout our curriculum and daily interactions, we seek to support our children in their personal development, growing resilience, empathy and courage.


Our school community is one in which governors, staff, parents and children work together. These partnerships are at the heart of our success.


We believe the educational experiences we provide at Nightingale will give children a life-long love of learning and equip them to be successful and compassionate world citizens now and in the future.


We hope our website will give you a flavour of what our pupils and families will experience during their time with us but we would be delighted to show you our school in action so you can find out more. To arrange a visit, please contact the school office.


Clare Lynam - Head Teacher