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Nightingale Primary School

Our School Day

Nursery Day

Our Nursery class runs two sessions, a morning session from 8.45-11.45 (children must be in class by 9.00am), and an afternoon session from 12.45-3.45 (children can be collected from 3.30pm). There is an additional 1 hour lunch session in between these. The morning session totals 15 hours per week as does the afternoon session, with children who attend both sessions getting 30hours of nursery education.

Main School - Day Reception to Year 6

From Reception to Year 6 the core school day runs from 9.00am to 3.30pm, totalling 32.5hours per week. Formal registration time is at 9.00am.

Children in Reception to Year 4 have a soft start. From 8.45am, they should enter their classrooms directly from the playground to join in class-based activities and must be in school by 9.00am. Classroom doors are closed at 9.00am when the bell goes and after this, children should enter via the office and sign in as late.

Children in Years 5&6 should assemble on their playground with their class by 8.50am. They will then proceed into class together so that they are ready to start their learning promptly. Any children in Years 5&6 arriving after 8.50am should enter via the office and sign in there.