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Nightingale Primary School

Nightingale Primary School

Ashbourne Avenue,
South Woodford,
London E18 1PL
Tel: 020 8989 9987

Life at Nightingale Primary School Life at Nightingale Primary School Life at Nightingale Primary School

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Swimming Year 4 2022-2023

Summer Fete

Summer Term Sports Club

Instrumental Lessons 23/06/2022

Dates for your diary 06/06/2022

Head Teacher Letter 11/05/2022

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Parent Governor Election

Parent Governor Election Nomination Form A

Parent Governor Election Nomination Form B

BBC Children In Need 2021

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Parent Information and FAQ's

Parent Information

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Head Teacher letter 08/09/2021

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Relationship and Health Education (RHE)

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Contact Tracing over the Easter break 

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Helping Redbridge Children Access Online Learning

Free online workshops for parents

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Walking Home Alone

School Uniform Expectations

Return to School Challenges and Possibilities

Parent Information

Packed Lunch Menu

Lunch options menu information

Letter to parents 2nd September 2020

Head Teacher letter 28th August 2020

Head Teacher letter 21st August 2020

Stay at home guidance

School Day Timings

Head Teacher letter 26th May 2020

Head Teacher letter 20th May 2020

Head Teacher letter 18th May 2020

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Head Teacher letter 13th May 2020

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Head Teacher letter- Google Classroom 5th May 2020

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Kingswood Residential

Music Activities

Google Classroom Update 30th April 2020

Google Classroom


Distance Learning Arrangements

Nursery/Reception Google Classroom

Nursery place commitment Summer 2020

Head Teachers letter during coronavirus

Home Support Packs

Key Workers - Updated 2020

Key Workers

Coronavirus School Closure Friday March 20th 2020

Coronavirus update 18th March 2020

Dates for your Diary Changes

Coronavirus update 16th March 2020


RSE Advisor - Danielle Vorley

Scarlet Fever


Story Writing Competition

Car Parking


Dates for Your Diary Spring 2020

Footwear for Indoor PE Lessons

World Book Day 2020

Sports Club February 2020 Half Term

Parent Governor Election Breach

Parent Governor Election Ballot

Parent Governor Election

After School Clubs Spring 2020

Christmas Fair December 2019

Dates For Your Diary Autumn 2 Term 2019

IT Systems upgrade October 2019

Dates For Your Diary Autumn Term 2019

Parents Evening Autumn Term 2019

Access Arrangements For 2019-20

Kingswood Meeting Information September 2019

Parents Information September 2019

Drama Club September 2019

Class Photographs

Transition Day Nursery Closure July 2019

Bulge class 2019-2020

School Photographs - Year 6

School Photograph Consent 

Dates for your Diary May 2019 updated

Reception - Nature & Mini-beasts

Privacy Statement for Children 

Privacy Statement for Parents/Guardian

Governments Statutory Assessment Tests (SAT’s) 

Year 6 Globe Theatre

Year 5 - Planetarium Trip

Year 4 - Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge 

Year 3 - Redbridge Museum

Summer Menu

PTA Newsletter- Spring 2019

Movie Night 

Year 2 Science Museum - March 2019

Parents' Evening - Spring Term 

Nursery Drop in Session - Spring Term 

Growth Mindset Steps- Year 1 to 6

Growth Mindset Steps- EYFS 

Growth Mindset Letter 

Maths Morning-Reception

Maths Morning-Year 1 

Emotional Well-Being

Easter Half Term Club

World Book Day

Red Nose Day 

Reading Programme

Parent Photograph Consent Letter

Parent Photograph Consent Form

Chickenpox letter

Chickenpox and Scarlet Fever letter

Dates for the Diary

February Half Term Sports Clubs

Spring Term 2019 After School Sports Club

Xmas Holiday Sports Club 2018-19

School Christmas Dinner Menu 2019

Inset Dates - Summer Term 2019

KS2 Gate Closure Change

Back Gate Closure Change

Administering Over-the-Counter medication

ParentPay Letter

GDPR Letter

Sun Safety Letter

Snapchat Letter

School Office Letter

Updated sickness details

Parent-Carer Questionnaire

Mandarin Lessons Y 3 & 4

Mandarin Lessons Y 5 & 6

Year 1, 2 & 3 Football Club - Wednesday

Year 4, 5 & 6 Football Club - Wednesday

KS2 Dodgeball Club - Thursday

Y 1 & 2 Gymnastics club - Thursday

KS2 Netball Club - Friday

Playground Games Letter

Public Health Letter - Hand foot and mouth

Assessment Systems Letter - October 2016

Asthma Letter

Asthma History Form

Children's Levels and Parents Evenings Y1 to Y6

Children's Levels and Parents Evenings EYFS

Mobile Phones and Conditions of Entry

KS1 Spelling Homework

KS2 Spelling Homework

LINK to Spelling Handbooks (as referred to in the Spelling Homework letters)

Changes to music fees

Request for leave of absence during term time